Snow Day

L.T. Garvin

It was gonna be a good day to ride, chumming around with Keith and Tommy. It was really just Keith and me who were good friends, but Tommy had the best truck for doing ice donuts in deserted parking lots. So even though he was a square, we let him come along for transportation reasons.

We weren’t supposed to end up grave digging that day, heaving against that frozen ground listening to the cold steel beats of a fine shovel blade and the thud, thud, thud of the dead earth.

No, what we were supposed to be doing was sliding down hills, snow cruising to catch Belinda Hudson’s eye, throwing a few choice snowballs at our enemies. And we did some of that, I’ll tell you right now, and it was good until we headed to Keith’s house. His mom had demanded he check in with her to see if he…

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