Drops of Truth – #Poetry of #Spirituality


Drops of Truth


Drops of Truth in the Enigmatic Sky,

Sheltering Wings of Heaven’s Soft Sigh,

Weightless Love Conquering All,

Gentlest Embrace when We Stumble and Fall,

Tenderest Whisper of Hovering Devotion,

Calming the Tide of the Thrashing Ocean,

Sweetest Reminder of Our Precious Worth,

Unshakable Love From Long Before Birth.


This short lyric poem is an affirmation of what I, as many, believe:  That Love Abides over us, Guiding, Protecting, Loving.  It is a Gentle reminder that we are not alone, we are connected to that which Gives Life and Breath.  I am not debating who or what this Abiding Love is.  Father, Creator, Universal Source, Spirit of Life; there are many names but only One Love.  May you never forget You Are Loved.

Beautiful Photograph found at: wallpapersas.com.  Credit Acknowledged to the Original Photographer. Thank You~

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