Above This Dying World

The Psalmist

Finding out what’s right what’s wrong
Finding out how to be strong
Finding out the ways of God
Learning from the word

Finding out a better way
Finding out more every day
Finding out the words to pray
Learning from the word

The word is truth to guide my path
The word is life that always lasts
The word shows me the way to pass
On pleasures of this world

The word sheds light on giving grace
The word shows me my Saviors face
The word gives me desire to raise
Above this dying world

Now I will give my cares to Him
Now I will have His peace within
Now I will raise a joyful hymn
To Jesus Christ my Lord

Now I will sing a song of praise
Now I will worship hands upraised
Now I will lift my voice always
To Jesus Christ my Lord

Hallelujah to…

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