The Irish Railroad Workers Museum, Baltimore, Maryland

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


The day was February 28, 1827.  The city was Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America.  The first railroad tracks were laid.  The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad had begun in Baltimore, and it would spread across the continent.  A roundhouse was built to service the trains to keep them running.


It was at this very place where the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum was erected, and that roundhouse that once was a repair shop is now home to the oldest collection of rolling stock in America from locomotives to old freight cars to passenger cars to include a few locomotives that changed the course of railroading history.  Oh, you can visit the museum without riding a train along the first mile and a half stretch of track laid in America, and you can ride part the Mount Clare House, the home of Charles Carroll, Barrister who gave some of his land…

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