My poem “The fig tree will bear fruit” published by Labyrinthine Passages along with a brief description of the icon of Christ Pantocrator from Sinai


Christ Pantocrator (The Almighty)
This is a very typical icon of Jesus Christ emphasizing His divinity, so His face often appears stern. The halo depicts His holiness. It incorporates a cross shape, to signify the Cross of Salvation. In other icons, on Christ’s halo the Greek phrase Ο ΩΝ is also written, which means “He Who is”.
Even though absent from this icon, another common letter combination on icons of Christ is IC XC, which refers to the Greek Ιησούς Χριστός (Jesus Christ).
Christ’s right hand is raised in a gesture of blessing. The fingers spell out IC XC. The touching finger and thumb also attest to the joining of divine and human natures in Christ. In His left hand, Christ is holding the Gospel.

“The Fig Tree Will Bear Fruit” By Sofia Kioroglou

Going around in circles
My compass is broken
Disoriented, I search for the Light

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