Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum, Suffolk, Virginia

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


When most people are asked about what the city of Norfolk, Virginia’s claim to fame is, a majority of the people will mention the naval base.  Yes, Norfolk is known for the big naval base, and it is a major port city as well.  With large bodies of water throughout the Norfolk region, it is hard to imagine that the city is a major railroad city.  Shipping and railroads go hand in hand.  Norfolk is also the headquarters of the Norfolk Southern Railroad, and you can visit a small museum inside the headquarters building, but before Norfolk Southern came along, it was the home for many railroads to include the Norfolk and Western Railroad, the Virginian Railroad and the Seaboard Coast Line.

West of Norfolk is the suburb of Suffolk.  Near the center of the town is an old two story train station that is next to the railroad line. …

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