Spinning Reason – #MeditativeThinking about #Poetry


Spinning Reason


Like the Blustering wind upon a barren plain

Or the windswept ocean, tossing and churning,

As the restless sea of green ebbs and flows

By the cascading breeze’s playful hand,

Through countless measures of space and time

This Willowy Effervescence of verbosity

That Sings in Pain and Wails in Pleasure

Fills the Essence of what makes me Who I Am;

The Poetess within the woman,

The Romantic within the doubter,

The Sensualist within the reticent,

With Passion that Demands representation

Through Flamboyance of phrase

And Delicate Gossamer Lilting words

Spinning Reason into Vivid Rhyme

That gives my Being Purpose

And Speaks of Ages now lying in the vast unknown

Once filled with All I

Aspire to Unveil


What Inspires us to write?  Why do words move us so passionately?  Is it something scientifically explainable; a chemical reaction or predisposition, or is it something more mysterious.  Spiritual, perhaps, or…

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