Purest Paradise – #MeditativeThinking through #Poetry


Purest Paradise


Whispering Memory of All you Are

Speaking from the realms of Lavish Time,

Suspirations of forgotten Truth

Gently Singing in the Twilight Rhyme,

Harmonious Silence, Guiding along;

Unspoken echoes of an old Gaelic Song;

Lilt in Reveries to uplift my Heart,

Pull me from yesterday, Blending Reality Apart,

As shadows of Perpetuity  Flow,

The Deep scent of Purest Paradise

Renews Purpose through its Show.


There is so much Wisdom in the ways we have forgotten; so many truths we have overlooked in the pursuit of knowledge.  I believe in the benefits of modern science, of course I do; nevertheless, I also know in the depths of my being that there is so very much we’ve abandoned that was once and could be again so very healthful and useful.  Relics of the past teach us about ourselves, remind us of what we used to know as truth, and invite us…

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