Found – #Poetry of #MeditativeThinking




Sweet as a laughing brook through the

River of a steaming day

Fulsome as pirouetting snow

Around a singing, horse-drawn sleigh

Delicious as the ripest berries

Celebrating flavour

Lush as Indigo moonlight

Glimmering Silver to ponder and savour

Life Sings

Spirit Sighs

Heartbeat Whispers

Dreams Fly

Symphony of Harmonious Sound

Ever Ringing

Ever Springing

With Blessings Waiting to be Found

Breath of Tranquility


In this world of rushing and instant gratification, it is very easy to overlook the Beauty evident all around us.  Yes, there is an equal amount that is not beautiful, to be sure, but every blossom, every lilting birdsong, every shimmering sunrise, and whispering breeze holds within it the simplest, most profound beauty, peace, and Jubilation.  One only needs to refocus for a few moments to discover the vast treasure trove scintillating all around.

This verse is an attempt to help the reader rediscover that focus, if only…

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