This Time – #Musings on #Poetry


This Time


In this Time

Before Time

As Time unravels


This Sharing

Sharing what we Shared

Shares more than


Whispers Lingering

Lingering in Soft Whispers

Touching my Spirit


As Time

Before this Time

Unravels my Time

Of Sharing



So often we let ourselves fall into the well of Time, but most often, it seems, when we are alone, lost, lonely, in grief, or sorrow.  This well has slippery slopes, and often is a downward spiral where we can easily lose ourselves; living and reliving brief moments in time that turn into the downward spiral from which we cannot escape.  This place of whispers, shadows and uncertainty is a paradox within a paradox.  A place to which we run to hide and from which we eventually seek to run.

This Time is a verse about the well of Time and shares the conundrum of repetition and dichotomy…

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