Be a Voice not an Echo

Amazing Grace

I am a Christian not because I am repeating what others have told me or just blindly following a group of crazy religious people. The fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of woman.

Christianity is not a religion…it is a relationship with Jesus.

  1. I’m not perfect
  2. I make lots of mistakes
  3. I amno better than anybody else
  4. I don’t have it all together
  5. I am a Christian because I need Jesus.

Jesus is my friend. He speaks hope to me in times when I am confused and scared. He is my safety net so I am not afraid to do what I believe is right even though it may be unpopular. I know He always has my back.

My welfare is Hispersonal concern. I’m safe, secured and I do not have to be afraid of ever being alone because He is always just…

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