Punxsutawney Jill for Groundhog Day 2018

Hello Everybody.  I am Punxsutawney Jill, the wife of Punxsutawney Phil.  Today is Groundhog Day.  It is a day named after the Groundhog.  Since I am a groundhog, I am qualified to speak to you.  If I were not a groundhog, I would not have been able to speak to you.  As you know, Phil is supposed to go outside and see if he can see his shadow.  However, if it is too cold outside, we will be staying in to keep warm.  If you are looking for winter to end quickly, do not count on us.  We have no control over the weather.  Therefore, stay warm.  We will come out when the weather gets warmer.  In the meantime, I am Punxsutawney Jill.  Have a HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!!


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