Things I Could Tell You

L.T. Garvin

I could tell you

about how the stadium lights

bounce like clear, elusive diamonds

off the green turf

or how the whole town

gathers at the goal post

during winning seasons

or even about how

every boy dreams

to run the patterns

of their sky-bound heroes

I could tell you

about how the kid

down the street

practices his trumpet

in fall’s golden hours

the upstairs windows open to the

brisk, afternoon air

and that the trumpet notes

sometimes mingle

with the church’s evening bells

calling the faithful

that somewhere out on the

practice fields

the marching band

masters their circle drills

and horn slides

the drum majorette

puckering her

candy apple

lip-glossed lips

in even counts

I could even tell you

how the town sent

a Quarterback to

Ohio State

and how he

shrugs it off

says he is

“a small town cat”

keeping his quick feet



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