Then, Now, Ever! – #RomanticTuesday #LovePoetry


Then Now Ever


Beguiling Enchantment Singing deep in my Soul

Like a Heartbeat from the Lost Places,

Forgotten by All that I consciously Remember,

Yet Ever Present,

Giving Cause to such Passion that Stirs within,

Romancing my Heart,

Tempting my Flesh,

Desire and Daydreams

Spun Upon the gossamer Threads of Time.

Reach Then Beyond this broken portal,

Beckon to me from Afar,

While I stand Entranced by the Mercurial Sound,


Ever Waiting,

Until that Fair and Bright Shimmering Moment

When Time folds back upon itself

To Touch with the most Tender Caress

That which has Already Been,

That which Shall Be Again.


Thou Art My Beloved,




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