How Long – #RomanticTuesday #LovePoetry


How Long


How Long the night Suspends my Waiting;

How dark the jet of midnight falls,

Shadows Begetting Shadows,

As my Heart Waits to Hear Your Call.

Morning Dries the tears of Crying;

Barren Kiss of Desert Wind may blow,

But Oh How Long the Night Suspends

This Yearning, Unspoken, that Blooming shows.

Darkness Kiss this Fainting Brow;

Moonlight Whisper, Sweet River of Sighs;

While I Wait, Untouched, Untended,

As Time confuses and mercilessly flies.

How Long the Night Lingers in Solitary Hours;

How Sorrowful I Wait with Bated Breath;

How Bleak is this Emptiness, Alone;

How All Consuming

Like death.






Beautiful Original Photography by:  ebrusidarportrait at deviantart

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