Charms of the Ice Princess

L.T. Garvin

The Ice Princess

gazed into the swirling night

from a castle

sprawling like iced marble

upon the frozen tundra

on blocks of frozen crystal

she drummed her

diamond nails

sprinkles of ice

shining in her luscious hair

aquamarine eyes

framed by brows

of golden thread

knitted into thoughts

in the middle of

a swirling blizzard

so far away

no map

could plot

in eternal night

she wore charms of shivers

the lovely moon

beguiled her

and sung to her

verses of

an unknown sun king

blind love is mad love

and the princess fell hard

for heat and mystery

but even in mesmerized madness

her blood of chilled Bordeaux

coursing wildly

she grasped the

dangers of melting and mingling

the fruitless combination

of fire and ice

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