Of Rhyming and Timing and Musing that Priming – #Musings on #Writing




Not too terribly long ago (though I cannot tell you how long precisely) I was conversing with a fellow writer about Inspiration and Poetry.  It was a fascinating discussion that I, not surprisingly, never wanted to end.  It started out innocently enough, with a simple query ‘What makes a poem a fantastic poem?’,a question which soon spiraled into the importance of metaphysical thinking and transcendence of emotion; the subtleties of wordplay vs. explicit vulgarism, and the inevitable influence our musings may have, even if such an outcome is not deliberate.

As might be expected, our ideas contrasted, but it was not surprising as our own unique writing styles are quite different (his more structured and traditional, mine…well you know mine.) These variances, however ultimately came down to format, style, grammar and the like; yet we agreed to disagree on these points.  After all, whether a poem comes in the…

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