The Art Teacher

L.T. Garvin

The Art Teacher

has left town

in her shiny Mini Cooper, starlight blue

headed into the city

She has abandoned the art lab

the student spilled watercolor trays

the stiff paint brushes

and half colored birds drying

in the air

Now escaped

she is

in full bloom

skirting the fringes

of a Renoir painting

Around the corner from

the art museum

the botanical gardens

beckon a solo engagement

with natural beauty

Her eyes scan

the expanse of treasure

of stolen hours

filling the canvas

of her soul

A freedom

she could now paint

away from

crowded hallways

bustling kids

the shrill cries

of adolescents

Down the stairs

she walks past

a perfect Eiffel Tower

in oil

right into

the most handsome face

a distant cousin

of Lord Byron, perhaps?

And on this day

a million eons away from

the mill and spill

of classes

the trying times of teens


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