And then the Frost Came

Everything I Never Told You

The clouds drank in ravens

making the pines lucid.

His shadow fell beneath

the sky. If she listened

closely, she could hear

his melodic cadence

delivering soliloquies

adrift on the wind.

He as he was

She as she became

Awake. Aware.

Taking color and form.

Both somewhere between

what was there.

What’s not there. What

was never there

Someone you thinks

remember and can’t

quite forget.

Lost mail belonging on someone

else’s kitchen table.

The parenthesis enclosed.

No comma, no pasuse.

Time takes away. Gone

in an instant particles

of the past.

She stays.
(She can’t stay)

Tired from this slow

burning off of yesterday.

That which was lost (never was)

will not become again.

She always thinks she

see gleams of him,

The one she thought

she knew,

glimpsed and then gone.

The heart can only be

deceived for so long.

The stem decimated but

drowning in crushed rose…

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