Look Into The Eyes of Others

Amazing Grace

Our eyes can be used to see what is good or evil, what is helpful or harmful in others. So many times we quickly pass judgement on good people, hurting people, rich people, poor people, sick people, etc without knowing the crisis they may be facing.

Someone once said that our eyes speak louder than our voice.Our eyes reveal exactly what we are feeling on the inside.

We live in a society where having a real heart to heart conversation with others is now almost impossible. We unconsciously hurriedly go pass hurting people within our own family, our places of employment, etc… as we juggle our personal agendasin between our deadlines.

I’ve lived a few years here on earth, and I’ve come to the conclusion after observing hardworking folks that life is really a fast race to the grave. Don’t act surprised yet….

We work hard, but spend…

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