Thanksgiving: My old poem about family sweaters


When I reblogged my poem,

all I was able to attach was a tiny

version of my photograph.

This coffee au lait is very

similar to what one may

sip, savor and enjoy at

Cafe du Monde,

New Orleans,


The line on Saturday,

November 4, 2017

was long and full

of cheerful young

hipsters, relaxed city

dwellers and tourists.

My cup of coffee with frothy

milk over strong espresso

was served to me by a friendly

waitress at The Rusty Pelican,

after church with my dear

friend, Patrice, her sister Linda,

her brother in law, Richard and their

artistic designer of railroad tunnels

and gardens extroadinaire ~

Casey with fiancee by his side.

The gardens are his summer work

and Linda’s life’s dream of

Castle Farms,



The railway

mountains and

tunnels are located

in Mississippi.

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to post #2 of the day.

Preparing for…

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