Bountiful Harvest – #IdyllPoetryDailyChallenge



This Bountiful Harvest

Laid before a Thankful Heart

Shared in the Generosity of Spirit

Finds Expression in small seeds of Kindness

As the rush and hustle of day to day

Dwindles at the Banquet

And all those who Pause to Enjoy the Feast

Find Renewal in the succulent Simplicity.

Dance then upon the table of Life

Lifting Spirits with your seeds of Grace

Whispering in Lush Harmonious tones

Of the Beauty this place has to offer,

Sing in Symphonic Unity

With the birds of the air and the lambs of the field

Reaping a Harvest of Magnanimity

In the Splendid repast of Rhyme!


Day 3 of 365
If you’d like to join this challenge, see the Original Post for details.






Beautiful photograph found on Google.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original photographer.  Thank you~

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