Through the Desert With the Stones Pt. 2

L.T. Garvin

Part 1 is here:

Is there a mechanic up there in town or do you know?” asked Greg to Mustache Man. The man stared back. He had leather tarnished skin and vertical lines forming like silky spider legs around his lips. Mustache Man looked him directly in the eyes and said nothing still, then looked over at the other two men. They shook their heads and he nodded back at them. Then they all three walked to the truck, got in, and wordlessly drove off into the vicious, blazing sun.

What the H was that??? Greg thought as he watched the truck disappear down the road, maybe he was pretty lucky after all. Packing up the guitars and water bottle once again, he turned his sight towards Ludlow. It was time to see what was there. And what was there, was basically four things: a gas station, a tire…

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