WriterWoes #11: Miss Teacher…?

In a Writer's Words

I recently taught a Danish creative writing class, and it forced me to outline some of the many pitfalls of writing to a very varied audience in terms of age and writing experience. While this is not exactly a woe of writing, I will nonetheless share the material of the class on here in the vague belief that somebody may benefit from it – by happy mistake or otherwise.

Everything is based on my own experiences, which is the only way I believe that writing (and every other creative art) can be taught – Jedi-Padawan style!

*Curtain parts, lesson starts*

“Opening scene”:
Why do we write?

We have something to say – to ourselves and to others.

When we choose a genre, we work with different elements and rules, but every genre tell the same story – the story about you, and I, and us.

“Act I”:
Active & Passive

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