Everything I Never Told You

In another life
I might look back
In this same life
I must move forward
Walking over the chalk
outline of what used to
be beloved
Turned to dead on feelings
windblown and forgotten
Lying there in a monochrome
field with strokes unmade
by a careful hand.

No time to listen to
ghostly voices that linger.
No time to converse
with a displaced soul
who spoke only in
in affection that lies.
Only hearing the future’s
pitch, playing by ear.
The sweet bitter melody
of the disenchanted.
Lyrics written in a book
of blue
to be left behind
as we journey into
a strange new city.
riding on the backs
of clouds hung low
Minds crystal even
though our faith
has been tried and convicted.
Breathless and alert
Hope, the call note

-Tosha Michelle

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