Train cars, Cleveland tracks


I love the


| | | | | | | | | |


and the

“wooo-o, woo-o!”

Kids tend to still like pretending

to be passengers on a train.

If you have a couple to a few

grandies, line chairs up in a row

assign one to be the train engineer,

The Conductor is cool!

“All aboard!”

Another could be the Porter,

who needs a pocket watch

and collects tickets.

On the train, you don’t need

to create a dining room car,

just include a Server. If

you don’t have a serving tray,

either use a container box lid

or take a top off one of your

plastic tubs to serve snacks.

Of course, fill in roles as a

variety of passengers.

There’s the little old

woman with a hat

and big purse.

Dollar store glasses

change characters, also

help find additional

theatre magic!

Mustaches are a “hit,”

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