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I am so Blessed.  Truly!  As my writing expands into thoughtful musings, doors into other places where these musings may touch and possibly Inspire continue to open.  Is it me, working diligently to seek out other opportunities and venues?  Perhaps.  Is it the Influence of Universal Love guiding and directing the words Inspired by that same Influence?  Perhaps.  Or just possibly a combination of the two, for I do truly Believe We are Helped when we Help ourselves.

What the Harry Potter am I talking about, you might ask?  Simply this:  I have recently been accepted as a writer for Vocal.Media  a platform from which writers may share their thoughts and inspirations on a multitude of subjects.  Whether you are into gaming, meditation, music, art, poetry,SciFi, Lifehacks, pet health, pop culture, and more, you can find something new and interesting to read about.

This week they have published…

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