Mr. No Noggin’

L.T. Garvin

The place to be

is not my town

on Halloween

when things go down.

The Perfect Pumpkin Picker, OCD

must leave things just so

and less than hallowed objects

cast eerie light in evening’s glow.

Igor has a way with the ladies

and makes all them feel breathless

but the guy who’s got it goin’ on

is truly downright headless.

He plays his music loud

and dances late to Thriller

as the rumors go

he’s a monstrous, congenial killer.

He’s got a crush on Elvira,

he truly wants a date

but he minds the Children of the Corn

and keeps them way too late.

Not far from here is a crusty ghoul

who nurses a nasty scar

from hanging out, no doubt

where the creepy clowns are.

But in all this melee

up head and shoulders

from the rest

take your hats off

for No Noggin

the fiend who is…

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