Miracle’s Cafe



I could feel the dampness of my umbrella slowly making my hands shiver. “The skies are lonely again”, I thought. Neither jackets nor coats could shield anyone’s body from feeling the cold breeze of spontaneous October rain. Days like this, people seek for hot beverages or any steaming food just to somehow counter the bone-chilling weather.

But I do not.

I do not settle myself for cliches. What I seek during rainy seasons is a place that could give me warmth, make me feel safe and sound and keep me from continuing my “introversion things.”

I don’t watch T.V. like most people do, I would really prefer to stay in my room whenever it is raining and there are no classes. I would slump myself, pick up a book, and read until I could fall asleep or do my favorite “out-of-school stuff” like writing in my journal, reading just anything…

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