Marriage Is Like A House

Amazing Grace

On Friday October 12, 1973 my husband and I partner together and started building our house (marriage). We stood before our family and friends … took a solemn vow for better days and for worse days; if we would be rich or if we be poor; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish until death do us part.

It wasn’t until years after that I fully understood every word that I had agreed to until Friday October 12, 1973.

The reality of married life includes: major personal adjustments; the crazy world of raising children; mountains of bills every month; sudden sicknesses; major disagreements leading to heartbreaks etc …. these all are major tests of the foundation of a marriage.

A marriage is like a house:

  • The foundation does more than hold a house together, it keeps out moisture, insulates against the cold, and resists movements around it…

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