When God says ‘No’

Amazing Grace

I love it when my grandkids come to visit my husband and I. Life really can’t get any better than when your home is filled with exciting cousins – all calling you “Grandma/ Mama”… #priceless #alittlebitofheaven #healingtothesoul #tirednesstothemind (LOL) #theygohometotheirparents (Yeah)

My youngest grandchild is 16 months old, and life gets super busy when she’s around. She’s eager to sample food from off my plate, and I’m eager to add a variety to her diet. But…I must remember that not all foods are safe for her at this age.

One of those foods is popcorn. One evening we sat around having popcorn, and yes, my cute little angel decided that she wanted to share our popcorn.

My warning bells went off loudly in my head that this will NOT be a safe food for her to have. And of course, she was not a happy camper as I quickly switched…

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