The Hush of Stillness – #Mindfulness & #Harmony



The Alluring Hush of Stillness sings softly to my heart and spirit, ever calling from the incorporeal ether of time and space; humming quietly in the chaotic rush; transposing the incessant clamor of the here and now. Ever present, like the delicate glow of a single candle against the darkness of night, the Hush of Stillness asks me to pause, draw a deep breath, and sense the Treasure of the moment. For within the pulse of each fraction of time; amid the suspirations of the hands of the clock, and throughout the dizzying turn of days the Hush of Stillness lingers.

It is serenity nestled quietly like a dove in the swaying branches of the evergreen. It is tranquility dancing upon the water, sparkling like the shimmering show of morning. It is harmony descending gently like fluttering snowflakes spiraling in the storm of life. It whispers through the turbulent…

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