Show Time

L.T. Garvin

If someone had told Greg Taylor that he’d be rewriting the history of Ironic Things Laced with Rock Music lyrics one day, he wouldn’t have taken them seriously. In the early 1980s, he and his band members were enrolled in high school Ag class. Ag being short for Agriculture, of course. As part of the annual grass judging competition (no, not that grass), there was a talent show. The teacher, Mr. Hutcher, walked into class shuffling his feet.

“Greg, you, Duane and Wade all got a band, right?”

“Yes,” he answered cautiously knowing that rock music wasn’t too popular in that little town.

“What do ya’ll play, the Beatles?”

“Well, not right now. It’s more like Def Leppard, AC/DC, L.A. Guns…”

“L.A. What?”

“Guns,” said Greg Sheepishly.

“Oh, well, tell ya what, we need talent for the upcoming judging contest and convention. I wondered if you boys could put a…

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