#FridayFantasy – Creatures of Jyndari – Maaygras


A chill wind nipped across his face, stinging his cheeks and tousling the platinum-blond curls of his hair as the storm, congesting in the sky above, began to kindle its impending fury.  Arching his wings against the bluster, Mardan muttered to himself with exasperation and shook his head. ‘Predictable of her to go missing’, he mused tetchily as he passed the next set of barns housing sheep and their herding companions; large, domesticated felines nearly equal in size to the sheep they guarded, called Maaygras.  These powerful cats were as intelligent as they were temperamental and Mardan was careful to keep a respectful distance.  Gazing through the doorway into the darkened interior for only a moment, Mardan hissed under his breath a second time and turned aside, but a glitter of light deep in the shadows of the barn’s hayloft where none should have been caused him to stop and…

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