#FridayFantasy – Creatures of Jyndari – Hasparii


Coming towards them through the powdery snow was an immense deer, which stood easily six feet high at the shoulder.  He was harnessed with light leather tack to an elegantly designed cart constructed of wood, which was carved with intricate designs and fashioned with runners, instead of wheels, to negotiate the deep snow of Jyndari winters.

The massive Hasparii tossed his head exuberantly in the newly falling snow; displaying his breathtaking rack of exquisitely twisting antlers that stretched to a breadth of nearly four feet from tip to tip.  The two malefey who stood watching in awe-struck silence could not contain their smiles at his demonstration and, as he pranced towards them with a high-spirited gait, they stepped aside to make way for the extraordinary monarch of the forest with observable reverence.


An Excerpt from Dark Fey Breaking Into The Light, book three of the Dark Fey Trilogy


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