God Is NOT Impressed With Meaningless Words

Amazing Grace

Would you believe me if I told you from reading the Bible that there are some things that God isn’t impressed about when we pray:

  1. When we treat prayer meetings like if it’s a stage to show off our eloquence
  2. When we act compassionate when others are watching
  3. When we believe there’s a formula to getting our prayers answered
  4. When we think our holiness will make us into some sort of a spiritual celebrity
  5. When we try to impress God with meaningless and vague words
  6. When we believe that other people’s sins are far worse than ours
  7. When we perform as actors and actresses before God

It’s so simply the things that God looks forward to when we come before Him:

  1. Finding a quiet and lonely place to pray so that the focus will shift from us to God
  2. “Just Me and God Time Moment” …No one to impress. It…

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