L.T. Garvin

In this sapphire blue ocean

day swim turns


striking out

barrier island

disappearing behind

Distant sandbar

rising up

as if Poseidon positioned it

right there

sprung forth

from the earth’s mouth

white sand

beckoning, seducing

Alone, I muster the muscles

arms, legs

against the rhythmic ebb and flow

of stout tide


vile water demons

This small space between

sea level and storms

senses the sand dunes

wafting farewell

I leave shallow water

feeling the ice cold

of the silky blue sea

the voluptuous deep

a small strip

of treacherous uncertainty

I imagine not

the chilled vastness

or the sharp rub

of predator’s skin

and instead dream of

romantic Spanish shipwrecks

the sorrow of lost treasure

treading pain

submersed in salty sea

The brief distance

diminishes now

as I climb upon

the sandy shoal

and contemplate the art

of returning.

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