Cotton Castle


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Pamukkale’s famous and natural white cliffs. A uniquely beautiful and refreshing landscape.dscf0169dscf0170Cotton Castle looks like clouds.dscf0172dscf0174

Mineral rich mountains above the villagedscf0204dscf0210


Soothing Turkish bath at sunsetdscf0352dscf0371As the sun sets in Pamukkale, Turkey.dscf0378dscf0382dscf0396dscf0398dscf0405Wearing: Victoria Secret bathing suit, Michael Kors purse, dress from a local shop.


Pamukkale translates to cotton castle. This village is situated in the Denizli Province in south west Turkey.  The cotton castle also called Hot Springs is a mineral rich bath spa completely natural in its  singular beauty.  An unreal landscape with breathtaking views of the village below.

The white cliffs are created by the hot calcium waters which later reach low temperatures forming gleaming white calcium terrace basins and pools. Pamukkale has been considered a spa since the Romans built Hierapolis, ancient ruins that lie on top of the mountain, above the cotton castle. Over…

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