The Story of My Childhood, Helping My Dad With His Little Silk Batik Factory

Safira's Journey

It was when I was in 7 years old. My dad started his little factory for the Silk Batik. He was working for the government and also having this business. That is interesting experience for me also to help my dad sometimes.

What I know from the business that he has is that he has a field to plant the murberry trees. He plants the trees with his team including my mom, my uncles and other neighbors in our village. Then they will take the fresh murberry leaves to feed the silkworms.

At the first time what my dad do besides planting the murberry trees is taking care of the eggs of the silkworm. Then when the silkworm changes into white color and little bit bigger, my dad started feeding them with murberry trees but in small size. So we need to slice them into small pieces for the littleā€¦

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