An Obvious Oblivion Blog

A mirage of my soul.
A distraction of my troubles.
He is what fails my words.
He is what my heart loses.

He has seen me enough.
sometimes in his dreams
sometimes in his words.
He is what I could never see,
knowing he is nothing but
a mirage of my soul.

I am facing him
but in a wrong time.
Many times he just passed by
like the wind unseen.
But we were both teenage
And we knew nothing
about what fate holds.

He believed in me
when I did not believe in self.
Maybe we would never make
The world together.
But he healed me all along
while I have failed him.

Perhaps I am scared
to lose what I have not really found.
When river calms down,
night falls aside,
and the world reassembles itself –
I will meet you then.

Battles after the battles
wars after…

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