7 Ways To Rekindle The Joy Of Writing


When you are working as a writer for clients and yet keeping your blog up to date at the same time, you might lose the passion of writing. Maybe because you are mentally drained or having a huge writer’s block or even you are sick of being stuck to your desk/computer 9 hours a day. Piles after piles of writing non-stop for your clients, your creative juice tend to be squeezed dry. With requirements such as inserting SEO keywords and making sure it passed readability, I can totally understand writing becomes technical and no longer about letting the words flow through you. It is understandable that a writer doesn’t want to write anymore especially when facing the above elements.

I had writer friends who emailed me and asking how can they rekindled their passion for writing again. It’s not difficult to motivate yourself to pick up a pen to write…

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