The Canna Case

L.T. Garvin

Where in the world did all those red Cannas go?” asked Aunt Agnes looking out her window.

“The ones in the circle flower bed out front?”

“Yes, the ones in front of our building, Jillie!”

“My goodness, they aren’t there? I haven’t a clue!” I said as I looked out the window with her.

I hope those landscapers didn’t take them out; red is my favorite color. I like a nice red dress and some red lipstick to go with it,” she smiled at me.

There was a knock at the door. “Coming!” Aunt Agnes called out as she shuffled down the hall. “Well, hello Dorine. Come in.”

“You girls look spiffy today, I’ll bet you all are going Saturday shopping!” said Dorine.

“We might get out for awhile. It’s Jillie’s turn to buy lunch,” she looked at me slyly. Seems like it was usually my turn.

“Ya’ll coming…

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