Down from Heaven – #RomanticTuesday #Love of #Words


Down from Heaven

So often I write with my eyes closed, waiting. Hands poised over the keys (of my laptop), ready. Heart quiet in restful calm or pounding in passionate inspiration, and Spirit open, willing, questing, seeking, listening, as the words and images come tumbling down. Down from Heaven,down from the sweet, sparkling heavens, down from the clouds of thundering rain, down from the mountaintop, down from the breathless moon and silken skies.

There I am, an open vessel; a cracked vase that cannot hold this rushing flood, yet I can channel it, directed it into the pages of my memory, (and my blog!) As I sit quietly, waiting; or desperately trying to keep up with the rushing torrent, my spirit sings the sweetest tune I have ever heard. And, though I cannot physically hear it, though I cannot listen to the manifestation of music like I do when I connect to my…

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