Whispering Falls Excerpt

L.T. Garvin

Whispering Falls was a bit of a lie because there were no falls at all, just a river that every now and then, completely dried up.  When it wasn’t dry, it was just running through a little wannabe city.  Someone had a great idea one day to put the falls back into Whispering Falls, so they did. They located it conveniently off the freeway so that visitors to the fair town could glimpse it as they were driving quickly to get outside the city limits.

“They aren’t Niagara,” said my friend Carla.

“Right, not big enough and with too much red dirt,” I added.  

So they were installed right outside the cemetery in the park. I had my picture taken there with a tombstone peeking into it in a weird, macabre photo-bombing manner just over my shoulder.

“Of course you have to look really hard to make out what…

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