Garden Gazelles- A Peculiar View



I freely admit, my perspective is probably unique.  After all, I’m not sure many people would look at your average variety of bunny rabbit and see a miniature deer munching in their garden.  Especially if, said little varmint is munching on their strawberries, lettuces, or partaking of an early crop of carrots, but since I have no garden (well, I have a small container garden, but that doesn’t quite count), my viewpoint on these furry little creatures is a bit singular.

It all began about a year ago, when the weather turned colder and the sweet green grass of the lawn began to fade.  Every year I put out bird-feeders as Autumn advances; providing for the winter residents, whether they be feathered or furry.  Sure, I get hordes of sparrows, clusters of cardinals, and a smattering of adorable little fellows in tufted titmouse flannels, chickadee tuxedos, nuthatch jazzblues and…

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