Perimeter of the Night

L.T. Garvin

On the edge of town

the gypsy unlatches

her cart windows

wide open

curtains flung free

to the night air

wafting magic


Wares, Trinkets

Mysteries Galore!

Hobos hop off

the night train

as newly minted

city citizens now

sidestepping the sultry star goddess

walking a black panther

on a diamond leash

The artists burst forth

their intriguing paintings

immersed in color

pushing margins

into euphoria

Lose yourself

in dappled hues

or in vivid swirls

The raspy-voiced

street vendors hawk

the gypsy flirts

her eyes dark and perilous

Come closer, come closer

Breathe the enchantment

multifarious and opulent

take flight

on the prophecy

of the night

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