Ever More! – #Poetry of #Inspiration


Sweetest Lover


How does a painter express to someone who is not very creative exactly how painting makes him feel; how it satisfies the soul and makes the heart pound with joy?

How might a musician explain to someone who cannot hear what it is about music that moves her so completely; that reaches into the soul to stir thoughts and emotions?

How does the writer or poet describe to the non-writer the exhilarating, inescapable delirium of passion and emotion that words creates within them?

For me, it is exactly this and so much more.


Sing Sweetly

Oh Beautiful Bountiful Words,

Lilting Above these shadows,

With Music as fine as any Birds,

Amidst Smiling Rays of Light to Soar,

O Sing Sweetly, Ever More!

Kiss my head

Oh Delicious Delicate Phrases,

Spiraling in Ecstasy O’er this dark place,

Enchanting my Heart like Praises

Beguiling to the very Core,

O Kiss…

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