Another Side – Pt. 2

L.T. Garvin

This is an old story that I wrote approximately 200 years ago, otherwise known as the 1990s, for a creative writing class that I was taking for credit hours in English lit. Professor I Don’t Remember His Name said that this story “did not bother him that much” but that I leaned much too heavily upon The Yellow Wallpaper.  Well, why have us read it, then?  Anyway, he gave me a C- proving that indeed, there is only one Yellow Wallpaper and there is only one Charlotte Perkins Gilman.  Later on, I submitted it once for publishing and was thoroughly rebuked as the editor remarked, “stories like the Yellow Wallpaper are very, very difficult to write.”  So I guess they are, and I haven’t veered into wallpaper territory since.

Move in day came upon us. The weather was pleasant that morning, but the afternoon turned to rain. We watched and…

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