I Write from my Soul


Hello Friends. Cattie here after a long time. Still going through the vindictive enquiry placed on me by 3 devious bosses. Only Prayer keeps me alive. Pray for me, all who read this.

I Write Because

I write not  for wealth or fame
And not even one mention of my name
And there is little reason to my rhyme
And I feel lost and years beyond my prime.

I write because I feel the need to write
The window of my soul open to light
I have this useless gift that I can’t sell
And if people say I’m strange I think ‘ah well’.

I write because the blackbird told me to
I hear him say ‘I have a task for you’
You write about the marvellous song I sing
But not of where I build my nest in spring.

I write but why so I do not understand
Perhaps the pen…

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