Dancing with the Kings

L.T. Garvin

When you danced with the Mambo Kings

and you found sultry

in the sway of their movements

you tasted salsa

spicy upon your tongue

and swirled in dances

twirling on your feet.

You hung out of club windows

at 3 AM

waving to the milling street crowds

clamoring for a carnival

bringing color and heat.

Then back home

Apt. 5

up 3 flights of stairs

all the neighbors

in everybody’s kitchen

sailing back on memories

to cabanas and palm trees

all steamy and tropical.

Yellow kitchen curtains

open to the night air

letting in the beating, pulsating music

floating in free form notes

those songs of love

dizzying dances of desire.

Who will dance the merengue now

that the kings have passed on?

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